Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome to My Ubuntu Blog

I made this blog to archive anything about my Ubuntu Linux.
As an Ubuntu Linux user, I just want to share some of my experience with this well-known and trusted Linux distro.

I also intend to promote Ubuntu in the likes of you just because of the following reasons:
1. Ubuntu is Stable
2. Ubuntu has a very active community
3. Ubuntu offers a lot of cool and exciting features
4. Ubuntu is easy to use
5. Ubuntu is flexible
6. Ubuntu is FREE

So, why do you have to spend your money if you can get what you need for FREE?

Pretty amazing huh???
If you're still not convinced then you can visit this blog site for updates.
Or grab a cup of coffee, say hello to your favorite search engine and start searching for testimonials about UBUNTU LINUX.

You will surely love this :D

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