Saturday, November 13, 2010

Change Window Controls' Position

When you install Ubuntu 10.04, by default, the Window control is positioned on the left side of the titlebar.

This change in windows layout is welcomed by others, especially those who used to MAC. But for me (I know I'm not alone), as a former user of Windows and older versions of Ubuntu, I prefer that the window control is in the right side.

Good thing is, you can re-position the windows controls using Ubuntu-Tweak.
To install Ubuntu-Tweak, just open the Ubuntu Software Center (Applications>Ubuntu Software Center) then search for the word tweak. Look for ubuntu-tweak then install it. After the installation, you can now run Ubuntu Tweak (Applications>System Tools>Ubuntu Tweak).

Go to Desktop>Window Manager Settings then on the Window Titlebar Button Layout, select Right.

That's it! It is now on the right side of the Window titlebar.

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