Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Globe Tattoo in Ubuntu

For sure many of you thinks that Globe Tattoo will not work in Ubuntu Linux since for you to be able to surf the internet using the Globe Tattoo USB dongle, you have to execute the provided software which only runs under Windows OS.

And maybe some of you thinks that it's possible to use Globe Tattoo in Ubuntu but needs several tweaks.

Well, all I can say is that, you can use Globe Tattoo or even SUN and SMART USB Modems in Ubuntu and it's not that complicated to setup. Just follow the following steps for you to be able to surf the internet using Globe Tattoo under your Ubuntu Linux box.

1. Plug Globe Tattoo USB device on your PC or laptop.
2. Go to System>Preferences>Network Connections.
3. On Network Connections Window, go to Mobile Broadband tab then click on Add button.
4. The New Mobile Broadband Connection wizard will appear. Follow the following:

 Select the USB Device name then click Forward

Select Philippines then click Forward

Select Globe Telecom then click Forward

Select My plan is not listed... then type for APN then click Forward
For prepaid, use
For postpaid, use

A confirmation screen will appear, just click Apply

5. An edit window will appear, just provide the following information:

6. Click apply. You can now connect to the internet using Globe Tattoo. :D


  1. Wow! This is so helpful. Thank you so much!

  2. I'm happy that it helps you :D

  3. That settings works fine for Postpaid plans that do not need to register for Unlimited Surfing promos.

    How about for Prepaid users? Do we need to remove the SIM card from the modem then insert it to the mobile phone then register to Unlimited promos of the ISPs then re-insert to the modem?

    Is there Ubuntu software related to the software provided by ISP for Windows? So that we can read/send messages using the broadband modem.

    Regards, Stan

  4. exactly what this guy said^

  5. Yeah, how do we load Globe, Smart or Sun USB Stick on Ubuntu Linux?
    The prepaid software of Globe in Windows lets you use from 1 day, 3 day, 5 day or 30 days load and offers a way to load your USB stick...
    I did try with Oracle VM (free), but it cant use the software....

    Does Linux offer a way we can load and choose between the prepaid plans Globe offer (1 day, 5 day or 30 days)?

  6. I hope that Ubuntu USB Sticks' software are also offering globe free load.